My husband and I have been searching for a corgi to adopt. We specifically wanted a rescue dog, one that really needed a loving home. We have done a lot of searching on the internet and were so shocked at the number of dogs and puppies needing loving homes. We found Tia on and fell in love with her smile. She was being fostered by the “Crossroads Animal Rescue” in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was wonderful for us, since it is just a little over an hour from where we live. I knew that the minute I saw her this was the dog for our family. We went for our interview yesterday and finally got to meet Tia. It went so well, that we are fostering her for a week until the adoption is complete.
We could not have found a lovelier dog. She has a gentle spirit and a constant smile. She is always wagging her tail. She just fell in love with our children and the children have fallen in love with her. We have four kids and so Tia will have loads of love coming her way! She just sits and soaks up all of the love we give to her. I love the way her front paws point outwards like a ballerina’s pose. We are so excited to add her to our family. She is a “pawfect fit.”
I think if anyone is considering buying a dog, I would hands down recommend adoption. It helps a dog in need and these little dogs are just dying for some affection and love. Tia is a Corgi/daschund mix. But you can see by her pictures that she has lots of corgi in her! She is a beautiful color. I will keep you updated on Tia’s life with her new forever family! Aren’t we lucky?!


  1. ocmist says:

    How wonderful for you and for Tia… I love her name. She is soooo CUTE !!! Before we got corgis, I’ve had Chihuahua/Doxie mixes all my life, and our pups, Dott and BG are Chorgis, since OC snuck out and found her own guy… (Their story is in OC’s first blog entry at )

    I’m sure that you all will be a very happy family… Linda Brock (ocmist)

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