Camping…Cards…Bubble Gum…Sandy Feet & Sisters!

Gracie/ Barnes ~ Braves the cold while Mary, Mary plays cards from her sleeping bag cocoon…LOL

Mary, Mary….we had to get some coffee and QUICK the next morning…this is how we slept with toboggans on our heads and scarves around our necks! LOL
Lucy & Mikee ~ November 2004 Did I mention we chewed LOTS of bubblegum! Brad looks like the cold GOT to him! LOL

This is what you look like when you spend the night in a tent in freezing temps…with 3 Crazy people!
The temperatures were approaching the 30’s…the wind was whipping….and the next night it decided to RAIN!
Camping in a tent what could be more FUN! (Said strictly with tongue in cheek.)

Ever wonder at the wisdom behind why we choose do to some things….what the enrichment value is of certain experiences that causes us to trek through them???
When looking at this awful pic…that is what came to mind! And I immediately thought about what would make a
lady who was four months preggos at the time camp in a tent!?
The answer?? Maybe the cold air killed off a few more brain cells. (snickering loudly) 😉
My dear sister (a.k.a. Mary, Mary ) is what saved me from this whole scenario…it was her that walked with me through the dark and FREEZING night to go to the potty house, hundreds of times in the night.
Whoo hooo!
So LET the wind blow…the rains fall….the icicles glitter…and the tent cave in…as long as I have Mary, Mary as a sister and friend! 🙂 LOL

Sisters…without mine I would be clueless. She makes me laugh even when I don’t feel like it! We have so much fun when we are together it is as if we have NEVER been apart.
For the first time in over a year, I got the chance to spend a day with my sister yesterday!
It was truly a gift….

Love you Mary, Mary….:) Quanie

2 Responses to Camping…Cards…Bubble Gum…Sandy Feet & Sisters!

  1. Amos says:

    Awww thanks Quanie I love you too and you makes me laugh all the time. That was fun times camping in that tent. LOL!! You are too sweet. :):0

  2. Heather T says:

    ha! great pics!:0) she makes me laugh when i don't feel like it, too…she's a great friend/sister…:0)

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