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Thoughts of the New Year and Longings

Over the past few weeks, I have given some thought to my New Year’s resolutions.

I found the words to a familiar hymn to be just what I need to aspire to. Hymn 362, in my church’s hymn book is entitled Longings.

It begins by saying “I long to know Thee better day by day; I want to draw much closer when I pray, To listen more intently for thy voice, To let the things Thou choosest be my choice.”

I thought of the longings of the human heart and how fickle they can be and how sometimes I tend to want to justify my own selfish desires and thoughts. I thought of Isaiah 55: 8 and of how God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and how our ways are not God’s ways.

We cannot know our own hearts nor what we will do in an hour of temptation. But the heart of God cannot be deceived. I thought of how I need to have God in my heart, to let Him be my guide daily, to learn to choose the things that he would choose. I need to let God’s choice be my choice.

Having a better service, a more whole-hearted service and learning to depend upon God’s power and strength is the goal of my heart. Being still & resting in His will for my life is my longing.

Finding the beauty in a submissive heart, in the word of God & His ways is the best New Year’s resolve I could have. I was drawn again to read in Jeremiah 17: 9 -11. The human heart (our conscience) is deceitful. Our hearts can delude us and call evil good & good evil.

Too easily my heart is led to satisfy its own desires rather than follow the heavenly knowledge that has been revealed through God’s word. I was thankful to think upon how God himself faithfully searches and tests our hearts to rid us of idolatries and thoughts of self.

I enjoyed Psalms 7: 9-10 where it mentions that God tries the heart and it’s reins, and how our defence is God who saves the upright in heart.  

Thoughts on Psalms 139 were laid on my heart where it mentions how precious the thoughts of God are; how David desired God to search his heart and know him, try him and lead him.

I felt I needed more of this searching & trying of my heart in this coming year. That God would continue in His mercy to mold me into what He would have me to be. To be a woman after God’s own heart. To have the kind of longings in my heart that would draw me closer to my God and earn His approval.

Happiest of New Years to you!


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  1. Heather T says:

    enjoyed your post…thx for sharing!:0)

  2. Valerie says:

    So glad to share it! =) Hugs to you…special Sis! =)

  3. Heather T says:

    hugs back atcha, sis;0)

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