Crochet Me A Smile

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here. Felt just like summer & I spent my day on my sunny front porch soaking up sun rays & crocheting. It was a WONDERFUL day. For the first day in weeks, I had nothing pressing to finish. I watched my children play in the yard and stitched to my hearts content.
I created this cute little soap saver and dish cloth from this pretty cotton yarn called “sea mist.” Then I made this beautiful white towel topper for the kitchen, it has a loop hidden underneath, so that when the hand towel gets dirty you just pull it out & put another in its place. Really neat! I am hooked on crochet & the sunshine. Happy Spring!

2 Responses to Crochet Me A Smile

  1. Heather T says:

    happy spring to you, too!;0) adorable crochet ideas! i didn't realize you crocheted…awesome job on both of them:0) hope you're enjoying more beautiful weather….hugs!:0)

  2. Valerie says:

    Thanks Heather! =) I love crocheting…I picked it up a few years back but never did anything with it…then my lil' sis gave me a beautiful scarf for my birthday and I have been stitching since…
    How's the painting going? =)

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