Time Marches On…

Time marches on…seems like this is the theme of my life.  So often, I feel like I am so wrapped up on getting to the next level so to speak that I miss the here and now. Living in the present is a daily choice, and one I need to perfect.  As a mother of five children, ranging in age from 21 to 2, I have the ability to see what has been and just how precious the years of having little ones in my home really are.  With my two year old, I have found recently, that I wish I could just slow down the hands of time. Each day I look in the mirror, it seems that I find a new gray hair…or an age spot that wasn’t there previously. I more easily sense the passing of time.  My face that was once so effortlessly young…is now creased with the wrinkles of the years. Though they may be laugh lines, they are still a reminder that time is marching on.

When I see my parents, who were so young and vibrant when I left home to marry my high school sweetheart, over 20 years ago,  showing the signs of aging, it makes me want to value the time we have together.  To treasure the years we have left together.  Time stops for no one.

I have all of my mother’s old records from the 50’s & 60’s.  I listened to these records as a little girl growing up in the 70’s & 80’s.  They used to make me smile.  I suppose in a way they still do! But here lately, all it takes is a particular song and I am instantly transported to a simpler time, when life revolved around roller skates and Saturday afternoon bike rides, homework and shopping trips with my grandmother.  I am both happy and sad at those memories, they are good memories, but it breaks my heart that they are just memories and childhood went by so swiftly.

So here I sit at the age of 40 and longing for the simple days when my older children were young.  Days when time seemed to flow freely like a summer wine.  And suddenly I am reminded that “these” are the good old days. We are living them each and every day. So grasp each moment. Live each day. Enjoy these golden years. Happy New Year!

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