Socks Are Evil A Tale Of A Fibro Flare

Oh these stairs…there are two sets of these hard wood stairs in my house.  I have a love hate relationship with them.  My mother in law fell down one flight a few years ago and broke her arm.  I have tripped on them so often, trying to carry too much laundry etc.  
They are both beautiful and scary.  
Yesterday I had yet another experience with my hard wood stairs.  I was walking down these stairs in my sock feet (yes, I know that is not a totally bright idea.) But when you live with hard wood floors 
day in day out, you tend to believe you are invincible.
  At any rate, I was casually strolling down these stairs in my sock feet and after the second step, my right foot just rolled right off that step and I landed squarely on my tail bone, catching myself…barely with my left hand, while my right foot just kept right on rolling ALL the way down! 
My shoulders weren’t spared either.  I am now sporting a bruise the size of Texas on my rear, as well as a very large goose egg.  (I bruise very easy these days any way!) So you can imagine what I look like after that fall.  My shoulder made it out with just a small bruise and my left hand, looks like I was in a bar fight.  Sitting is a literal pain in the rear.  I am very fortunate, that I did not break my tail bone.  
Solid wood is NOT forgiving.  
Moral of this story, do not walk around on hard wood floors in your stocking feet, or you just might take a trip you didn’t plan on. 
My two year old was right behind me when this happened. I am so glad she was behind me and not in front of me, as I would have caused her to fall as well! Yes, I know! I am a danger to myself and to everybody else. This aggravating Fibro makes me VERY clumsy. Does it affect anybody else this way?
 I trip over my own two feet quite often. I run into walls & doors & door frames. It just makes me crazy!!
I knew I would be sore, but THIS is ridiculous.  I woke up this morning to a full fledged flare up of my Fibromyalgia. I felt like I had been hit by that proverbial Mac Truck that everybody likes to talk about in Fibro land.   It is killing me.  Somehow this injury has affected all my muscles.  Ones I didn’t even know existed.  I have popped an Aleve and prayed for relief.  Spent the better part of the afternoon resting and hoping this flare is gone by tomorrow and doesn’t stick around for a month. Like they sometimes tend to do. In which case, my world comes to what seems to be a complete stand still.  
Just thought I would relate this little tale to some of you who might be able to identify.  And to spread the word that socks are evil, especially on a hard wood floor.  
My Sophie, climbing those scary steps. 
Jan. 2013
Note: See those cute little crochet leg warmers! I just love it when she wears these over her jeans.  She had on her cute little owl hat too! I love to crochet sweet little things for my Sophie.


 Sporting her little owl hat that I crocheted for her. She was ready to go out and play, tired of waiting on me to take her picture. 😉

2 Responses to Socks Are Evil A Tale Of A Fibro Flare

  1. Lynn Dylan says:

    Oh, Valerie! I didn't know you had fibromyalgia! And yikes, you could have been hurt even worse. I am so sorry. I know how dangerous they are. We had wooden steps in the old house, and I have done the same thing in socks — slipped, but didn't go all the way down. It's VERY scary. But the steps are pretty. I know what you mean. Big hugs and love to you! Your princess is so beautiful!


  2. Valerie says:

    Hi Lynn! Yes, I have had Fibro for quite a while now. I just try to keep a handle on it…keep it in check so to speak. I love our wood floors, but they are murder if you slip and fall. I am much better now, thank goodness. Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts. I love all of your new outfits you have been creating. They are so beautiful and unique. I am trying to get back to blogging. It is a slow process, but so far so good! My one real New Years resolution!I could stand to learn a few blogging tips from you! Your blog is still gorgeous. Hugs and love to you too! Have a wonderful weekend. =)

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