Barn Yesterday ~Handpainted Vintage Barn Wood Sign

Copyright 2013 Shaggycreations

                     Barn Yesterday

Recently some good friends approached me about painting a sign for their “barn.” They hold special gatherings there.  They have named their barn…”Barn Yesterday,” which I think is very fitting.  It is decorated like the old west. Lots of Indian and Cowboy themes going on.  
So this lovely sign is the product of my imaginings.  I really love it & my friends do too! 
It is a wonderful thing, when you get to dabble in your favorite things.  Two of mine are paint and wood.  It happens to be a passion of mine. Nothing like the feel of a paint brush in your hand…and a blank canvas or wood in this case and letting your imagination run free.  It is like wine for the soul. It brings me great joy to create things of beauty & the icing on the cake is the privilege of sharing them with others. Share your passions it brings the greatest joy!


Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.  ~Henry Ward Beecher
Copyright 2013 Shaggycreations

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