Fibro Fog & Tea Time

Happy February! Nothing says February to me, like a steaming cup of hot tea.  I collect tea cups. When the weather is chilly, it gives me the opportunity to pull them out and use them to cheer my days. I saw a saying the other day…it went something like this…

“Life is like a cup of tea…it’s all in how you make it.”
This is so true! Life can be full of flavor and sweetness, or it can be bland and boring. 
Being happy where I am planted is my goal. I want to learn to be content with even the smallest details of my life. To realize that each day is a gift. To treasure each “cup of tea” I’m given. I have so much to be thankful for and sometimes, I just feel I complain WAY too much. I’m sure I could do with a much larger dose of “Zipping it and locking it, and putting it in my pocket.” This is what I used to tell the children, years ago, when they had a bad case of sassy mouth happening. I would say “Zip it and lock it and put it in your pocket!”  When so many times, I am completely aware, that I need to do just that. 

Today was one of those days to be sure! A gray, rainy day. A day when things just seemed to instantly get on my nerves.  A day when my achy joints and tender muscles pushed me past the point of dealing with my condition  with grace.  A day where I demanded some peace and quiet! Ever have one of those? Sometimes this ol’ Fibro fog mind of mine, just NEEDS a little solitude! No who am I kidding…a LOT  of solitude.  

With that said, nothing helps soothe my frazzled mind, nerves & body, quite like a warm cup of tea. I especially love, Twinings Decaf Chai. Has to be decaf….otherwise the caffeine would drive me bonkers. It is not a pretty sight, when that happens, I am a jittery mess. 

I thought I would share some of my favorite tea cups from my little collection. As well as a few other pieces, that go hand in hand with tea time. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I do!
This little February cup, was given to me by a dear sweet lady, who I call my adopted Grandma. She is elderly and shut in most of the time due to health problems, but she always keeps such a sweet spirit about her. We both share a February birthday. So she gave me this sweet tea cup from her collection. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I love it!

This little cup, while not very delicate, is so rustically beautiful. I love the blues! This particular cup, belonged to my great  grandmother.  It no longer has a saucer with it, but it is charming to me just as it is!
This pretty little vintage cup and saucer are  called “Tickled Pink.” It belonged to my maternal grandmother. She was my very best friend in life. I lost her several years ago. But every time I sit down to a cup of tea from this little pink saucer, I am reminded of a grandmother that dreams are made of! I think it is my absolute favorite tea cup! I love the speckled look of the pink.
This little cup also belonged to my maternal grandmother. It is a piece from her wedding china. The daintiest little cup I have! It is as light as a feather. I feel like the queen, when I have a cup of Earl Gray in this one. =)
This cup is a piece from my own wedding china. I love the colors of peach with the blue. It is a lovely creamy color. 

This little saccharin dish, belonged to my maternal great grandmother. She used it to hold her saccharin on her dining table. It is so light and delicate! I wouldn’t use it for saccharin, YUCK! But I do love to use it to hold sugar. I love the little words on the front “Sweeter than Sugar,” I saw one place where it says that saccharin was 500 times sweeter than sugar. As if we would need anything sweeter than sugar!

These two vintage salt and pepper shakers, belonged to my paternal great grandmother. They are marked on the bottom as being made in Japan. Which I thought was interesting, since she also had more than a few pieces of depression glass in her belongings as well! They are the most darling little birds, and keep me company in my kitchen. 
My two oldest sons, made me these two shelves for Mother’s Day this past year, with the help of my father. They make a perfect place to display some of my favorite pieces. The pictures do not do these shelves justice, because they are high above my door. But I couldn’t resist bragging on my boys a little bit! They are so sweet to me, and always so thoughtful.

The little houses on the shelf above, belonged to my sweet mother, and she gave them to me a while back. 
They add a sweet touch, with lovely childhood memories all sandwiched in between. 

Happy February and stay warm! Spring is right around the corner! 

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