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Sometimes…I sit and I write and I pour out my heart and it is such therapy. Other times I wonder…what is the point? Does anyone really read these little posts. I have thought about this a lot, and have peace with the fact, that even if no one reads them, they are the thoughts of my heart.  It brings me joy to write down my ponderings about life and striving to see the sunshine in each circumstance. So I will continue with my little journal here. It brings me joy and that is enough. If you are reading, then thank you! Thank you for taking the time to visit with me here. I hope you find joy in this day & I am glad you are here. =)

We had snow on Valentine’s Day. This is unusual for us here in the south. It was very snowy that morning, and then the sun poked out its head in the afternoon.  My Sophie had such a marvelous time playing in the melting snow. She took her bucket and stood by the gutter and caught the water in her little dish. She then proceeded to dump it into her bright yellow pail. This went on for a very long time. She was happy. She was content.  Isn’t it a wonderful thing, how little children can find happiness with just the simplest things in life. In this case it was melting snow. But it was perhaps one of the greatest afternoons of her childhood! As she dipped and dumped the water over and over and over. I captured her playtime in these pictures. Pictures of innocence of simple play. So often absent in today’s technology ridden world.  It brings peace to my heart to know that my children can still enjoy quiet time outside in nature. A blessing to be sure.

To fill up the long, chilly winter days my eight year old and I have been working puzzles.  This was our most recent accomplishment! 1,000 pieces.  A pretty little picture of a sidewalk cafe. Could it be Paris? I wish I were there. =)

My sweet husband took me shopping the other evening.  We had a date night and went out to eat. We visited our local Belk’s store.  I found these FANTASTIC moccasins by Rock Candy.  I LOVE them. They are as comfy as can be.  I got them for a steal! $10!!For an $89 dollar pair of shoes. I’m a happy camper, and so are my toes. These are some very cozy shoes. Did I mention how MUCH I love my sweet husband? He is a diamond. 

Hope you are having a fantastic week! Keep Warm & Keep Smiling! =) You have friends here!

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