Marsh House


The enchanting Marsh House on Ocean Isle. Over 8,000 sq ft. of beauty by the sea.
 A captivating place to be…with five welcoming porches and warm sea breezes.

A house by the sea…is such a dreamy place to be. We had the privilege and honor of staying at the lovely beach home of a friend recently. The memories we made will last a lifetime. Days of warm sea breezes and salty air. Long walks on the beach looking for shells. Midday naps with the windows open to the soft sea breezes. Nightly swims under a jeweled sky. Dreaming through the twilight to the sounds of the ebb and flow of the ocean tides and the sea birds quietly calling over the marsh. Waking up to glistening sunny days and sapphire skies. Soft days…peaceful days. Days filled with laughter and family. Days of healing from recent battles. Battles with cancer & sickness & grief. Blessed days.

The back yard of this glorious home on the marsh at Ocean Isle Beach. Three porches to soak in the warmth of the sun and the salty sea air. 
It is so charming to stay in such a place of splendor.  I think that is what appeals to us about a vacation. It is something completely out of the ordinary…it jars us awake from our every day worries and cares. It makes us sit up and notice that life is such a beautiful and fleeting thing. We must take the time to hear the sea…to smell the salty air…to feel the warmth of the sun. The same warmth that so many before us have felt…the same sandy beaches perhaps our grandparents wandered down dreaming about life and its vast array of choices to be made. To breathe the same air…in and out…in and out. Just as the ocean sets a constant rhythmic tempo…of life. Constant yet serene…controlled chaos, if you will.  As if we could reach through time and talk once again with those who have gone before. Time to breathe…to think…to remember…splendid memories…of simpler times. Vacation, a time to gather ourselves for the coming battles…the coming trials…that are sure to come. A walk along the ocean is like a soothing balm, that God created for the souls of mankind. Oh, how I wish I lived beside the sea. But what a gift…to seize a little piece of it for ourselves…if only for a moment. Moments of hope and healing. Just being together beside the sea.

The fresh new pier that my brother in law helped to build.
This pier is the length of a football field. Such a lovely long walk to view the marsh & wild life there.
As I promised, I wanted to give you a tour of the lovely, peaceful home that we enjoyed for a memorable weekend with our family. Fleeting moments, but ones of splendor to say the very least. 
So come away with me to Ocean Isle…where the sun is shining and the sea birds call to us…to just sink our toes in the warm sand and dream.

Beside the pools in the back yard.

View of the back porches from the pier. This house had a human sized checker board. One of the coolest games on the planet according to my nine year old. I wish I had taken a photo of the game board, but I did not.
The pier house. 

Down to the boat ramp.

Back porches three.

View from the pier house looking out towards the bridge that crosses over to Ocean Isle.

                                             View from the top back porch. Gorgeousness!

View from top back porch of the marsh.


                                               The beautiful pool.

The hot tub and pool. The pool was heated, so the kids enjoyed swimming in April!

The dolphins are actually a fountain, that shoot water out over the pool.

Me…on the top back porch. My graying hair really stands out in the sunshine. =)

View of the marsh from the kitchen door.

                     Middle back porch. The kids enjoyed eating their lunch out here on the picnic table.

The flowering vines were beautiful and smelled like heaven.

                                     Swimming with cousins in the pool. Fun for all!

Over the roof tops from the top porch.

                                       My little miss…enjoyed the porches and the watching the sea birds.

                                 The grand entry to the house. The wood floors were beautiful.

                                                    Stair way to the third floor rooms.
                           We got plenty of exercise, just walking from one end of the house to the other.
                                    The house also had an elevator that ran to all three floors.

                                         The first door on the right is to the house elevator.

                                        The dining room.

            The living area. I loved the ceiling in this very large room. It was big enough to be a small gymnasium.                                                I sure would hate to have to mop all of those floors!

                    View of the very large kitchen. Didn’t have to worry about bumping into anybody. LOL

                                                      More of the kitchen and breakfast room.

                                          Standing in the living room, looking towards the kitchen.

                                                    The wet bar in the kitchen.

One of the lovely kitchen cabinets. The drawers and cabinets in this house are slam proof.
Try as you may…you can NOT slam a drawer or door, because of special hinges. 

                                            Guest room with two queen beds.

A very special shower bath. The shower comes out of the ceiling not the wall! =)

                                                   A big bedroom.

                       One of the many bathrooms. I loved the tile work in this one. Beautiful!

                  Coming back towards the living room from one of the bedroom wings of the house.

Yet another guest bathroom. This one is reds and browns! 

                     Another big bedroom. Eleven of us stayed in this house together, and we did not even come                                                     close to using all of the beds in this place.

                                             Me on the third floor landing with my angel baby.

                                               The third floor landing/another bedroom.

                                                             Yet another bedroom.

                 And another. I did not get pictures of all of the bedrooms. But you get the picture.
                                                          LOL It was BIG!

                                Headed to the beach. Just a five minute walk from the Marsh House.

                                                       The view from the front porch. Street View.

                                                   The gorgeous palms in front of the house.

                           We saw so many deer on the island. These visited with us on the beach!

                                                Making the five minute walk to the beach.

                                             Flying kites…one of our favorite things to do at the beach.

                                                Care for a little football on the beach?

                                               Oh, yes, he IS a happy boy!

                                                 The Ocean Isle water tower.

                 We also had access to a second house, that was on the beach front.It was very                      convenient to just drive there, park the car and walk out onto the beach!

It was a happy time for us all. Charmed if you will. Days of sunshine and warmth and happiness. Never to be forgotten. 
Ocean Isle is the land of dreams. 

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