Blueberry Tofu Smoothie ~ Tuesday’s Table

A lovely smelling candle I have been enjoying this week.
I love to burn a candle while I am working in the kitchen, it makes the work seem lighter somehow!

Dear sweet blogging friends I hope your week has been lovely. I have been so busy this week and not had a lot of time to spare. We are busily preparing for a brand new school year and purchasing our supplies/books. We are excited to begin and hope to do so within the next week or two!

I have been feeling the stress and strain of the constantly busy days. I have been so fatigued, sick and achy. I fear I am in a bit of a flare. This old  fibromyalgia always picks the worst time to show up. I often feel like it is a living, breathing thing in the room…one that is uninvited. I’m always thinking…”Oh, it’s you again…hope you don’t plan on staying around here for long.” Most of the time the old fibro just shakes its head and says,
“I’ll stay as long as I like, you just better get used to me.”  I have learned acceptance is the key to peace.      I am thankful that I have a sweet family who loves and supports me through it all.

I woke up this morning in so much pain, that I had tears running down my face. It is embarrassing this pain. It always knocks the breath out of me when I least expect it. It is on these mornings that I wonder about the wisdom behind taking no meds! What I wouldn’t give for a little relief some days.  It is on these mornings that I especially love to make myself a smoothie. It is a quick, healthy breakfast and gives me that added boost I need to make it through the morning. I like to feel as if I am nourishing my body through this sickness.

As promised earlier in the week. I wanted to share with you another recipe for Tuesday’s Table. I know it is Thursday…but better late than never! =) So below is my favorite recipe for a blueberry tofu smoothie. Enjoy!

Blueberry Tofu Smoothie


4 oz silken tofu (I love Mori Nu brand)
1/2 cup orange juice
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon of Chia seeds
1/2 cup of fresh sliced peaches
3 or 4 drops of stevia extract 
(depending on how sweet you want it)
1 banana sliced
1 cup ice cubes


  1. Drain the tofu
  2. place all of the ingredients except the ice in a blender and blend until smooth. 
  3. Add ice last and blend again.
  4. Pour into several glasses and enjoy a nice healthy breakfast with your family.
May your day be filled with sunny thoughts and lots of smiles. 
I hope to be back over the weekend with a more uplifting post. 😉 

4 Responses to Blueberry Tofu Smoothie ~ Tuesday’s Table

  1. I am so sorry you are feeling miserable with fibromyalgia. That must so hard. The smoothie looks delicious. Thank goodness for blueberries to give it that beautiful color!

  2. Hi Valerie,
    So sorry to hear of your day of pain. Being plagued with these symptoms myself I must say that your explanation of the experience was put into words well! It sure does come when we are almost ready to have forgotten what it was!
    My step daughter and I are are getting some very good results with the total gluten free diet, have you tried this?
    Praying for you! Many BLESSINGS, Linnie

  3. Valerie says:

    Dear Judy,
    Thank you for the well wishes. =) It means so much to have such lovely blogging friends.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  4. Valerie says:

    Dear Linnie,
    Thank you so much for your kind well wishes. I am sorry to hear that you suffer from these troubles too. Fibromyalgia is just no fun. Yes, I have experimented with gluten free and even been tested for celiac disease. Hoping for some improvement soon. Hope your weekend was lovely,

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