Fibromyalgia The Struggle To Keep Up With Life


Fibromyalgia is very often a trial by fire.

Everyday life can feel a bit like walking through a fiery pit in your bare feet, when you struggle with a chronic illness like Fibromyalgia. The pressure to keep up with everyday life while feeling really unwell is difficult at best. I have had a truly terrible recent flare up of some of my worst fibromyalgia symptoms.

Some of these symptoms include headaches that are very intense and last for days, low-grade fevers, joint aches that feel like a terrible tooth ache deep in my bones, muscle fatigue and pain, numb feet, tingly hands and so much more. The fatigue that accompanies these symptoms is really just indescribable. 

I struggle to accomplish the things that are expected of me.

Last Friday, I was out in the heat all day at a church convention and I have to say, I have not been the same since. It has been such a struggle to do the things that are expected of me, the things that are needed of me.

My little daughter celebrated her third birthday this past week and I had the most awful time trying to plan her party. I have always been a fan of planning birthday parties, especially for my little ones. Fifteen years ago, I would have had very little trouble planning a simple birthday party. I have planned some pretty elaborate parties in the past, but this time it was such a strain on my physical well-being. 
I struggled to pull together the energy to shop for her gifts, decorations and supplies to bake her cake. Then came the monumental task of baking her cake, assembling it and decorating it. It took me over 2 hours just to ice her cake. I should have known better than to pick such a tedious cake.

She adores Barbie and so I truly wanted her to have a traditional Barbie cake. You know, the ones where the doll is standing in the middle of the cake and the cake looks like her dress.

I succeeded in baking her cake, icing it and cleaning up the house spic-n- span in time for the party guests to arrive. But, I have paid for it dearly. My arm pain is through the roof. My hips ache beyond measure and my head is on the verge of imploding. I am so tired that I can barely pull myself together to get out of bed.

I am so upset with myself for pushing myself past the limits of what I know I can do. I am upset that I pushed it to the point of what I know I shouldn’t do! I need to do better about pacing myself.

This is life with Fibromyalgia, it has no rhyme or reason. It hits like a snake from the underbrush, quick and precisely at the most inopportune time. 

Barbie Doll Cake

                                                       The Barbie cake that was responsible for my flare. 

I don’t want this to sound like I am complaining because, I truly do not mean to. I just wanted others who may be suffering from this malady to know that they are not alone.

September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month. My pain levels must know that, because they are making me VERY aware.   


Hard times are always so much easier when you face them with a friend.

On a much brighter note, I had the pleasure of meeting a little lady recently who suffers from the same troubles that I do. She has Fibromyalgia too.

It was such a wonderful thing to be able to talk with someone who is a kindred spirit. Finding someone who lives in the same kind of “prison” that I live in was such an encouraging experience. Hard times are always so much easier and more bearable when you face them with a friend. 

It helps to have an understanding doctor.

I have a new doctor that I adore. She is a holistic doctor and one of the BEST medical professionals, that I have had the pleasure of meeting. As a holistic doctor, she treats the whole body.

She has tested me for food sensitivities and I am now on a gluten and dairy free diet. It has been stressful to say the very least.  While this has not immediately made any difference in my fatigue and pain, I can see a real difference in my digestive health.

I hope to write more about my gluten and dairy free experience in the days to come. I am hoping to see some marked improvements to my physical health as well. She has prescribed Vitamin D-3 and Magnesium Malate as supplements and I am so excited to see what she will recommend for future treatment. 

I would recommend a holistic practice to anyone who suffers from chronic illness. It is the holistic doctor’s goal to bring your body back into balance. They usually treat the “gut” first and then go from there!

I am hopeful for a full recovery from my Fibromyalgia troubles. =) We shall see! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
Blessings and Sunshine, 

**Update: Since this article was written I have been diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease. I am far from being well. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, please consider Lyme testing. While I do not believe that everyone who has Fibromyalgia has Lyme disease, it is a horrible illness and going without treatment can make things much worse. ***

6 Responses to Fibromyalgia The Struggle To Keep Up With Life

  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are in such pain. I really do hope you feel better and that your new doctor can help you. Good luck with the diet too. Take care.

  2. Barb says:

    Hi Valerie!

    So sorry to hear you have been under the weather – Fibromyalgia can be so devastating, praying that you will start to feel better soon.

    Your cake turned out so cute! I'm sure the party was so fun for your sweet daughter – as moms, we really will do anything to make their special day even more special!


  3. Valerie says:

    Hi Julie,
    Thank you so much! Your kind comment made my day.


  4. Valerie says:

    Dear Barb,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my Fibromyalgia post. I am feeling much better today.


  5. Eve says:

    I had an attack of fibromyalgia Iit came after a day of eating foods containing flour and sugar – I don’t eat these foods now. I have not had fibromyalgia back.

    • ValerieB says:

      Dear Eve,
      That’s great! Unfortunately I also have Lyme disease which complicates things for me. I do try to eat gluten and dairy free, it helps but it has not cured me.
      Blessings and thank you for your kind comment,

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