It’s Fall Ya’ll ~ Wednesday Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week’s Hodgepodge! Thanks so much to the lovely Joyce for providing these wonderful questions. If you wish to join in the fun, just click on the little Hodgepodge linky above to read more about it!  Hope your week is going fantastically! 😉
Happy Fall Ya’ll! 

1. It’s fall. Y’all. My favorite season of the year! What’s something you love to do this time of year that makes you feel it’s officially fall? And unrelated to that, do you ever say-‘y’all’?
Fall is my favorite season too! I love the cozy evenings and the crisp cool breezes. The rustling of the falling leaves and warm apple cider always give me the warm fuzzies. One of our favorite activities in the autumn is making apple butter. We always make enough to last us the whole year through. 
Yes, I am from the south, so “Ya’ll” is a way of life down here. 😉 We say it at least a hundred times a day ’round here. 

2. When did you last have a falling out with someone? Has it been resolved?
  I try to live by what Jesus said in Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” I love being a peacemaker. I am not much for confrontations of any kind unless it is absolutely necessary for the greater good. I haven’t had a falling out with anyone in a very long time, and even then it was a minor issue. A peaceful heart is a happy heart. =)

3. A song you love with the word ‘fall’ in it’s title?
Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces,” always puts a smile on my face. I think she had the most beautiful singing voice.

4. What’s something you’ve recently let ‘fall by the wayside?’
Recently, most every leisurely activity has fallen by the wayside around here. September is always a very busy month for our family. I am ready for October when things begin to slow down and autumn weather takes hold. I’ve not had much time for blogging lately. I am looking forward to getting back to my writing soon.

5. When did you last attend an event, read a book, watch a movie, try a new recipe, or visit a shop-town-tourist attraction that fell short of your expectations? In what way?
Probably something that “fell short,” would be the hotel room that my husband and I stayed in during our anniversary get away. The room was nothing short of a cubicle. It did not face the ocean and had to be the absolute smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in. 😉 I can’t think of any other attractions or the like that might qualify for this question. 😉

Obviously, I thought it was funny. We were discussing the size of the room. While admiring our “half” view of the ocean. LOL

6. Describe a time you said or thought, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”
This would apply to almost everything my oldest daughter says and does. She is a mini me. 😉

7. Was today better than yesterday? Why or why not?
I am always glad for a new day. It is always so fresh with promise and possibilities. Today is better than yesterday, because the sun is shining this morning. =) 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
A favorite poem to share:

Autumn Fires ~ By Robert Louis Stevenson
In the other gardens
  And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
  See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over
  And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
  The gray smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!
  Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
  Fires in the fall!


14 Responses to It’s Fall Ya’ll ~ Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. Carol B. says:

    Patsy Cline? One of my favorites too. We agreed there. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your answers today. Hope you have a great day.

  2. RockinMom says:

    I like that poem. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Wednesday.

  3. Y'all are so darned cute!!! And I'm always blown away by your talent. Your creatures are just darling and convey sweetness and joy.

  4. Lea says:

    Loved your answer to #2, more folks need to feel this way and our world would be so much better. Enjoyed stopping by, so nice to meet you!

  5. Joyce says:

    Your daughter certainly looks like your mini me. My youngest is the same and from the day she was born my oldest has been the spitting image of my hubs. On the inside she's a good combination of us both though. Love that half an ocean view : )

  6. Stephanie says:

    Oh Valerie, the picture of you and your daughter is beautiful! You are both lovely ladies 🙂

    And once again, you share your amazing talent with your drawings.

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  7. Empty Nester says:

    Deanie, my DD2, is like you. She is a peace maker and loves for everyone to just get along and be happy!

  8. Valerie says:

    Dear Carol B.,
    Thank you so much for you visit. I just love Patsy Cline too!
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  9. Valerie says:

    Dear RockinMom,
    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. Glad you enjoyed the little poem, it is one of my favorites.
    Blessings and Sunshine,


  10. Valerie says:

    Dear Judy,
    Thank you so much! =) Glad you enjoy my little paintings. I appreciate your kind compliments.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  11. Valerie says:

    Dear Lea,
    Thank you so much for dropping by to visit my little blog and for your kind comments. =) Nice to meet you too.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  12. Valerie says:

    Dear Joyce,
    Thank you so much! =) It is nice to have a "mini me." Thanks for visiting.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  13. Valerie says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I hope your are having a wonderful week.
    Blessings and Sunshine,

  14. Valerie says:

    Dear Empty Nester,
    Your Deanie sounds like my kind of person. =) Thank you so much for your visit to my blog.
    Blessings and sunshine,

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