Happy Holiday Happenings

Wishing you all a belated but very happy Thanksgiving!

 The days just continue to zoom right past. While every day I think…I will at least post one picture on the blog today. It doesn’t happen. My weeks have continued to be busy but blessed days. I am running a full time preschool using the wonderful Before Five In a Row curriculum. My little princess has been especially busy creating Thanksgiving artwork this past week. These are just a small example of the volume of art she creates in just five days time. We really enjoy our little clothespin line that displays her weekly art. It is a constantly changing gallery of colorful joy.

 My youngest son  is enjoying a year long unit study about the pioneers called the Prairie Primer. He is reading the Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and does weekly learning activities that go along with the chapters. This past month, he completed the Little House On The Prairie book. We studied all about the Indians, the pioneers and their struggles and he created a covered wagon and this little log cabin made of paper. He is having a lot of fun with this and learning too. I also have a senior who will be graduating in spring. So LOTS to do around here.

 I have been busily decorating for the holidays and have enjoyed crafting so many beautiful things this season. While I am still stuck with my out of date, tiny camera. It will have to do for now. I am in the midst of creating a winter themed mantel. I found the cutest chalkboard art printable and so many other neat printables via Pinterest. Thank goodness for printers ink and frames I already had on hand. Holiday decorating could get very expensive! I adore Michael’s Craft Store, but not their prices! I have found some new uses for bits of my old vintage sheet music that I never play anymore. I took this vanilla scented pillar candle and wrapped it in a piece of vintage sheet music paper and secured it with twine. It made a pretty decoration.

 This snowflake print was also compliments of Pinterest. I am doing a blue themed Christmas tree this year. So I thought it would tie in nicely with that. My little princess is quite smitten with the Disney Frozen movie. So I thought a blue/Frozen themed tree would be just the thing to make her smile. I hope to get the tree up soon. 

 I have fallen in love with the art of making vintage books into tiny trees.  My Daddy tells me that it is something my great grandmother used to love to do. So that makes them extra special in my eyes. 😉

 I created this beautiful glittery garland from some of my vintage sheet music. It truly is very delicate and pretty. The pictures just do not do it justice. When I was growing up my Granny used to gift me with a subscription to Sheet Music magazine every year for Christmas, so this is a new use for those old sheet music books. =)

 I gave my little zebras a frosty ribbon update for the holidays too. I think they look happy & festive.

 Even my tiny bicycle got in on the decorating action with a silvery bow for Christmas. =)

 I found this cute little bottle holder on the clearance shelf at Michael’s on a recent shopping trip. I thought it would be fun to change the flowers with the season.  Especially in the spring when fresh flowers are so plentiful!

 Since I live in the land of pine trees. The south has a pine tree for every square inch. I cut some low lying branches and put them in the big vase by the hearth. They smell so lovely and the green looks so cheery against the backdrop of our pretty hardwood floors.

 I think my little folded vintage book trees are my most favorite decoration this year. =)

 I am loving how my happy Christmas mantel is shaping up. I am not finished tweaking it yet, but it is getting closer to what I had envisioned when I started it. =)

My darling sweetheart gave me this digital piano as an early holiday gift. I am so in love (with my sweetheart) and with this tiny piano. It sounds heavenly and I have had a most wonderful time practicing my Christmas carols and beloved hymns. This picture is so dark and fuzzy. I hope to get a much better one later. =) 

I am an avid fan of Holly Hobbie. So I placed this vintage Christmas card print in a burlap and gray frame. I adore the way it turned out. The little frame was a recent Michael’s find. 

This past Friday instead of shopping my sweet Momma and sister came over for a Christmas craft day. We made sheet music ornaments and pinwheels for the tree. I thought they turned out so cute. We played old holiday records and laughed and talked. Another sweet memory for my memory box.

My little buffet table is bursting with holiday cheer. I have ice blue poinsettias, yarn trees, twine balls, rustic Pine cones, paper trees, sheet music crafts and framed  holiday prints. All the things that make me happy. =) 

I folded the taller tree from my latest Martha Stewart Living magazine. =)

This paper star wreath, was a true labor of love. I saw this idea on Pinterest and was forewarned by the lovely lady that created the original design that she would never attempt to cut this many stars from paper again. I laughed and said how hard could it be. Well, dear friends, I am here to tell you that she was correct. It took FOREVER. I used some vintage sheet music and some pretty scrapbook paper. I cut out loads of paper stars from each in three different sizes. Then I glued them to heavy card stock and cut them all out a second time. Whew! I cut a cardboard wreath form and glued them all in place and added some pink sparkly glitter. My little princess loves it and calls it her Frozen wreath. Never again will I think that cutting out shapes is so simple. This tiny wreath represents two afternoons of intense cutting labor. 

The little paper angel, holiday tree and pinwheel were the result of our crafting spree on Friday. I adore the look of vintage paper.

When I saw the chalkboard prints on Pinterest this year. I knew I had to print some of them out. I loved this one and it goes along with the tiny snow baby I have sitting in front of it. This old Holly Hobbie print is one of my favorites. I just love it! 

Isn’t this snow baby the cutest? He was painted especially for my oldest son. My grown daughter has one too. Their Nana had them made for them when they were little. I’m guarding this one ’till my son has a family and a tree of his own. =)

Ahhh! Holly Hobbie crazy. I know….I can’t help it!

I have a rosemary plant growing in my flower bed and it smells heavenly. So, I took some of the longer stems and made a beautiful woven vine around this simple grapevine wreath, attaching them with floral wire. I topped it with a blue satin ribbon. It has the most wonderful smell and once dried will make great seasoning for my winter cooking. =) 

I am slowly adding touches throughout the house for the holidays. It makes me happy to see all the greens, blues and reds. 

My sweet sis gave me this tiny little snowman, he lights up and his colors change. Such a cheery little guy for this cozy corner. 

If you have stayed for the whole tour. Happy Holidays! I will try my best to keep up with the little blog here. Sadly, my time on the interweb is limited, so for now I will have to keep my blog visiting to a brief here and there. I do appreciate your company, and you dropping in for a visit. I treasure your friendships.  I do enjoy sharing  bits and bobs of my little life here in BBQ Country as we so fondly refer to our little backwoods town. Thank you for taking the time to visit.  I am behind in replying to your recent comments. I appreciate each and every one. I hope to catch up soon! Blessings, Valerie

4 Responses to Happy Holiday Happenings

  1. Hi Valerie,
    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! love all of your handmade Christmas decorations you made!
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and Christmas.
    Julie xo

  2. Lady Linda says:

    Everything looks lovely. You have quite a variety of things. I love the rosemary you brought into your home.
    Happy decorating.

  3. Denise says:

    love your decorations

  4. Henny Penny says:

    You have made so many pretty things. I love the idea of using the old sheet music. It is so pretty. I've been using lots of cedar to decorate with so far but it would be fun to make some of the things like you have done.

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