Axon Optics Migraine Glasses A Solution For Photosensitivity Migraines

Migraine headache solution

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses A Review

Do you suffer from light triggered Migraine headaches? I have found the perfect solution!

Read on to see how these wonderful glasses worked for me!

migraine glasses by Axon Optics headache aids for migraines

I have been given this product as part of a product review through Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

The Many Triggers of Migraine Headaches

Migraines are evil. These severe headaches have plagued me for many years. There are many triggers that can prompt a migraine to follow. One of the most common Migraine triggers for me is light. Also known as photosensitivity. It can vary from bright, glaring sunlight to the flourescent lighting that is so common in stores and doctor’s offices.

Headlights of oncoming cars at night, flickering television screens and of course the glare from my laptop computer are a few other sources of migraine misery. Some of these headache provokers are more easily avoided than others. But, the computer screen is often my worst enemy.

Axon Optics is the perfect solution for light triggered migraine headaches.

When I was offered the opportunity to review Axon Optics Migraine Glasses, I accepted immediately. Anything that gives me the hope of preventing yet another dreaded migraine headache is number one in my book.

Upon visiting the Axon Optics website for the first time, I was drawn to the statistic at the bottom of the homepage. It states that up to sixty percent of migraine sufferers report reduced frequency and severity of these dreaded headaches by blocking certain wavelengths of light.

“Wow!” I thought, “Where have these glasses been my entire adult life?”  I had not even realized that migraine glasses existed!

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses prevention of Migraine headaches

Axon Optics Airplex Migraine Glasses

I chose to review the Airplex style glasses with indoor lenses. Mine pair is tortoise color. (These are also available in black.) I chose the Airplex style for several reasons. I am small framed and have a small head. This particular style has spring hinges and rounded arms for a snugger fit on just about anyone. The earpieces are covered by a soft rubber that also helps to keep them from slipping.
There is nothing more annoying than a pair of ill-fitting glasses. This ended up being a great choice for my bone structure!
Migraine Glasses preventing Migraine headaches

What I like about Axon Optics Airplex Migraine Glasses.

I liked the fact that these are made for indoor use. As a chronically ill person, I spend ninety percent of my time indoors. So, while sunglasses would also be useful. I felt that I would get the most wear with the indoor glasses.

I love the fact that these frames are super lightweight. I have many sensory issues, since I also suffer from Lyme Disease. Anything heavy tends to increase my pain levels. Finding a pair of  migraine glasses that are as light as a feather, was a double bonus for me!

Migraine glasses by Axon Optics

The fact that these lenses are tall for better light coverage also appealed to me. I suffer not only from migraines but, from severe dry eye and the circulating air in a room from ceiling fans, central air and heat is very irritating to my sensitive eyes.

I have found that when I wear my Airplex Migraine Glasses my eyes are not nearly as dry and do not burn like they usually do. I think this is because of the tall lenses on this style, yet another reason to love Axon Optics glasses.

The glare from indoor lighting, whether it be from my laptop computer, my bedside lamp or overhead lighting does not bother me as it once did. All thanks to Axon Optics Airplex Migraine Glasses. They do an excellent job of eliminating the triggers of light and glare from my migraine list! I would recommend these glasses to anyone. They are well worth the investment. A one year warranty is also included for the lenses.

Style though not entirely necessary, should not have to be sacrificed on the altar of usefulness. I think it is what makes life interesting and more fun! Style is definitely an integral part of Axon Optics designs. I love the classic styling of these glasses. They match many pieces in my current wardrobe and are also very comfortable. Bonus!

Migraine Glasses by Axon Optics How they help to prevent my migraine headaches

While I do not wear prescription glasses. There is as an added bonus, you can also add a prescription to these! I thought this was a wonderful option for those who have to wear glasses daily for eyesight correction. You can also purchase a pair that will fit comfortably over your existing glasses!

Axon Optics also has a 30 day return and exchange policy. If after you try your eye wear out for a few days and decide the fit is not perfect you can send them back for an exchange or refund within that 30 day period. So no worries about fit!

These glasses are extremely well made. They arrive in a wonderful hardcover case that protects them from breakage and scratching, along with a soft optical cleaning cloth. Perfect for travel!

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses Case

Since my migraine glasses arrived, I have used them every single day. I have noticed a decrease in migraine symptoms.

Typically, after I work for any length of time on my laptop, I end up with nausea and pounding temples. As well as flickering lights in my line of  vision otherwise known as an aura. The warning signs that a migraine is in my near future.

When I wear my Airplex glasses, I have less and less of these issues that plague me.

I am very excited to have these wonderful glasses in my arsenal of tools to combat my migraines. I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from photosensitivity migraine headaches.

The bottom line is they work for me! Who could ask for more? A product that actually lives up to its name is worth its weight in gold. Especially when it can help prevent painful migraines.

I will never be without them again. I’m so glad that I’ve found Axon Optics. I hope you will give them a try!

Visit Axonoptics to learn more!


2 Responses to Axon Optics Migraine Glasses A Solution For Photosensitivity Migraines

  1. Julie Karasek says:

    Love my Axonoptics F-41 migraine glasses. I was in a car accident and have post concussion syndrome. Leaving me with migraines. I would not be back at work without my glasses.

    • ValerieB says:

      Dear Julie,
      That is wonderful that Axon Optics have been such a help to you! I love mine too, wouldn’t want to be without them. Blessings, Valerie

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