How the EnviroKlenz HVAC Filter Is Improving Air Quality in My Home


The Impact of Allergens on Lyme Disease and a product review Of EnviroKlnez HVAC Filters

*I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. This post contains affiliate links “

The Impact of Allergens and Lyme Disease

Allergies and sinus issues have plagued me for most of my adult life. Until I was diagnosed with Lyme disease this past year, it never really occurred to me to think about the air quality inside of my home. But, with mold and mycotoxins being a real threat to those of us who suffer from Lyme disease, I have tried to take a more active approach in keeping my environment free of dust and other irritants.

In the past my husband and I have purchased quality air filters from our local home improvement stores.

Never settling for the cheapest versions, we felt that we were getting the best bang for our buck. But, dust and lingering odors were still a huge problem. We have hard wood flooring and dust bunnies gather with regular frequency under our furniture, on our lamp shades and more.

Our kitchen is in a central location in our home and is the source of cooking odors that often trigger my migraine headaches. I have continued to look for a simple, economical solution.

EnviroKlenz HVAC filter product review

Reviewing EnviroKlenz’s HVAC Filter

I know that many people use air purifying systems in their homes to improve their home’s air quality. Currently I am unable to afford this type of system. When I was offered the opportunity to review these quality HVAC air filter cartridges from EnviroKlenz, I thought it was a fantastic way to try a better, higher quality filter to cleanse the air we breathe on a daily basis in our home.

Enviromentally Friendly Products

EnviroKlenz is a remarkable company that creates products that are safe for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities and environmental illnesses. This wonderful line of products acts to remove toxic and noxious chemicals from your home.

All of their products are made from earth friendly minerals and do not contain masking agents or fragrances. Their product line ranges from HVAC filters, laundry detergents, hand soaps, HEPA filters and more. You can read more about their quality standard here: EnviroKlenz Standards.

EnviroKlenz Review

Their products are also backed by a 100% money back guarantee! So, you have nothing to lose!

EnviroKlenz’s HVAC filters are of superior quality. I was struck immediately by the weight of this filter. It is extremely durable and what I would call heavy-duty.

EnviroKlenz HVAC Filter Review

What else makes this filter so special?

Our daily environment is filled with chemicals. Whether it be disinfectants, degreasers, paints, hobby products, cosmetics or other products we use on a daily basis. These are all sources of volatile organic chemicals also known as VOC’S. Some of these chemicals are only slightly harmful, but others can be extremely toxic. Some examples of VOC’S are ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone, methanol, fuels and hydrochloric acid.



EnviroKlenz filters not only remove harmful chemicals they destroy them!

EnviroKlenz’s HVAC filter is capable of removing and destroying all of these compounds and more. This product physically absorbs these pollutants. Unlike other filters on the market, this wonderful filter does not just simply trap chemicals and odors it destroys them! It eliminates odors and gasses completely, preventing them from re-entering your home environment.

After just one month of use, I can tell a definite difference in the air quality in our home. The air feels cleaner, and the amount of dust that has accumulated under our living room furniture is noticeably less. Stubborn, stale, damp odors have all but disappeared! Over all, I feel that it has been a positive change in our air quality.

EnviroKlenz and Migraine Trigger Elimination

Would I recommend EnviroKlenz HVAC filters?

I would definitely recommend this product. It has truly made a difference in my sinus issues. I can tell a marked difference in my migraine headaches that are usually triggered by heavy cooking odors. So all around, I would say this product has made a wonderful, positive impact on my life.

Even though the price is a bit higher than what we usually pay for air filters,the pros outweigh the cons. I would buy this product again because of the difference it has made in our air quality and the reduction of my migraine headaches.

EnviroKlenz 100% money back guarantee.

What I love about EnviroKlenz HVAC filters?

These filters are superior in quality. They are heavy, durable and come vacuum sealed until ready for use. 

They not only trap household chemicals and odors they destroy them completely!

The 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked on all of EnviroKlenz’s products, mean you have nothing to lose.

EnviroKlenz’s products are made from natural earth minerals and do not contain masking agents or fragrances.

They come in a vast array of sizes to fit your particular HVAC needs.
EnviroKlenz Natural Cleaning Products

So what are the cons?

These filters are a bit pricey. At $99.99 on sale, they are more than what I would pay for the very best air filter money can buy at my local home improvement store. Although, they do so much more than a regular filter could ever hope to accomplish.

Depending upon the severity of your chemical sensitivities and allergies, this may or may not be a good choice for your budget. Personally the pro’s outweigh the con’s for our family. The decrease in allergens and migraine triggers is well worth the extra investment.

In closing, be sure to pop over and visit the EnviroKlenz web site and view their quality, environmentally friendly products. You can also join them on Facebook at EnviroKlenz Facebook, personal environmental protection for everyone.

Although this post is sponsored all opinions expressed here are honest and my own. I would never promote a product or company that I do not believe in 100%. 

Until Next Time Thank You For Reading and Take Care,



EnviroKlenz Cleaning Products

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