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5 Dependably Encouraging Blogs That Never Fail To Make Me Smile

Blogs That Are Dependably Encouraging I am an avid reader and a lover of positive thinking. When I first came on the blog scene over ten years ago, I quickly found that I was drawn to a particular type of blog. I prefer optimistic corners of blog land and pages filled with beautiful photos and…

Encouragement For Those Who Suffer From Chronic Pain

Inspirations for a Sunday… I have a little book by Norman Vincent Peale, entitled Words I have Lived By.  It is a lovely little book filled with many words of wisdom. I have turned to it time and time again over the years for encouragement.  This past week, I pulled out this little book yet…

Happy Weekend!

My Times Are In Your Hands. Psalms 31:15

Whispers of Spring

Spring is right around the corner. The jonquils are popping up all over the yard. 😉  Blessings and Happy Thursday. Valerie If you have time, I would be honored if you would visit with me at my new blogging project: The Hour Glass Project

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