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Fighting Lyme Diseaes, Fibromyalgia and CFS One Day At A Time

Hello and Welcome to Lilac and Lyme!

I am so very glad that you have dropped by. 

A little bit about me and my mission in writing Lilac and Lyme blog to raise awareness about Lyme disease.

I’m Valerie the voice behind Lilac and Lyme blog.

I am a devoted wife, Mom to five, blogger, artist and Chronic Illness survivor. In March of 2016 I was diagnosed with Chronic Late Stage Lyme disease after being sick for nineteen long years. Prior to that I was formally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


When I first began blogging way back in 2006 my blog was primarily a hobby blog where I frequently shared my Pembroke Welsh Corgi art. However, since becoming increasingly ill over the past ten years, I have been unable to paint as often as I would like. For those of you who are interested, you can visit with me at  http://www.facebook.com/Shaggycreations to view some of my corgi art.

Over time, my blog has evolved into a journal of sorts.

I blog frequently about my struggles with late stage Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The name of  my blog Lilac and Lyme came to be because purple is the color for Fibromyalgia awareness and Lyme Disease is my primary struggle.

Living with chronic illness can be very isolating and difficult. You can read about some of my experiences with chronic invisible illness here: A Window Into The Isolation of Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness

It helps to have friends who understand the daily struggles that go with a daily “chronic” lifestyle.  I blog about my experiences when I feel up to it. I would love to share my journey with you.

sisters Pembroke Welsh Corgi Art

If you suffer from Chronic Illness I send you gentle hugs and welcome you to the blog.

Please be encouraged and know that you are not alone. If you have family or friends who suffer from a chronic illness, a very big welcome to you too! Education is the key to changing our world.

I am an optimist at heart and I strive to see the silver lining in each circumstance that I face. Striving to place a positive light on my daily struggles with chronic illness is not always easy, but it is worth the extra effort especially if I can be an encouragement to others.

I hope that you will find Lilac and Lyme to be a place of encouragement and light in the midst of the storms that so often accompany life with Lyme disease. Please know that you have a friend here in your corner who understands what it is like to live with this dragon called chronic illness. Visit often as I hope to share bits and pieces of my journey and the things that have helped me the most.

Wishing you blessings for the journey,


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Art Coffee BreakPembroke Welsh Corgi Art Karate Kid

“Coffee Break”                                                                       “Karate Kid”

Copyright 2016 Shaggycreations Studio


You can read more about my journey to the diagnosis of Lyme Disease here: My Lyme Story Part I. and here: My Lyme Story Part 2

Please visit with me over on Facebook at Lilac and Lyme to see the most current post links and other helpful information about Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia.


A few random facts about me:

I love quiet places, warm sunny days and a good book.

Nothing makes me happier than to be beside the sea with a salty breeze in the air and shells to collect.

A colorful ball of yarn and my crochet hooks are enough to keep me happy for hours. 

My little corgi Tia Maria has my heart and is the inspiration for much of my corgi art.

I am in love with the Republic of Tea’s dandelion tea. It is the next best thing to coffee, which I love but can no longer drink.

Before I got sick, my paints and brushes were my favorite things. Since becoming ill, I can no longer paint as much as I would like. 

I have been married for almost 27 years to the love of my life. 

My five children are my biggest blessing and they bring me so much joy. 

Positive quotes for the chronically ill.



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