Lyme Disease and Tick Facts

Lyme Disease Awareness

Visit the following links to read more facts about Lyme Disease:

ILADS International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society

American Lyme Disease Foundation

How Can Lyme Disease Be Prevented?

Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants when going into tick country. Light colors are best so ticks can be easily seen. Tuck pants into socks and spray the clothes with a known tick repellent. After being in an area known to harbor ticks, check skin and all hair areas thoroughly. Remove ticks promptly. Check pets carefully, they are a source of entry for ticks into the house. Deer hunters need to spend extra time checking their gear before bringing it into autos and homes.

How Do You Remove A Tick?

1. Use tweezers or forceps.

2. Grasp the tick mouth parts close to the skin.

3. Avoid squeezing the tick, which may spread infected body fluids.

4. Pull the tick straight out. Do not twist. Do not attempt to burn the tick.

5. Save the tick (you may want to have it tested for B. burgdorferi or other tick-borne diseases).

6. Wash your hands with soap and water.

7. Apply antiseptic to bite site.


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